Aircraft Maintenance

Whether you need routine maintenance, avionics, or a complete redesign of your cabin or exterior, AXH is your one stop shop. We are home to multiple aircraft service providers. It’s just another way we get you in the air and on your way (in style!) faster than any other regional airport.


Murmer Aircraft Services
Murmer Aircraft Services specializes in aircraft paint and interior refurbishment; including window replacement, deicer boot installation, and custom design services.
FAA Repair Station # GG2R845KK

Temple Avionics
Temple Avionics is a full-service, FAA approved avionics repair station that specializes in turbine, corporate jet, small (single engine & light twin) aircraft and helicopters. Capabilities include: avionics sales & installations, avionics bench repairs, bi-annuals (14 CFR 91.411 & 91.413), RVSM, custom CNC panels, and SatCom WiFi.
FAA Repair Station  # XD1R608K